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The Divine Path

Our Place in the Universe

written by: Lady Night Eidolon

Many of us are beginning to realize that the world as we know it is changing. The earth goes thru stages, if you will, just like any living thing. It cycles. When one cycle ends, another begins. With these changes comes a new focus for us all. We should not concern ourselves with war or bickering or who is better than whom . . . we should concentrate on ourselves and the community.

As a whole, society has been a sad failure. The enlightened are the ones that will hold society together, for what it is worth. It is our job as the open-minded and enlightened to help bring everyone together and shed some light on some of those that have previously been closed-minded.

Not all of us may agree with one another . . . we may have different viewpoints, different beliefs, different thoughts and opinions. We may not all always get along . . . normally due to our differences. It is how we handle these conflicts and differences that are important. We can use these differences to put a wedge between us or we can use them to learn and grow as individuals and as a community. We can use the differences as a basis of war and argument or we can use them as a tool to broaden our minds and realize that there is more than one way in any scheme of things.

No one has to conform . . . no one has to alter their beliefs . . . no one has to force their beliefs on another. We need to realize that the differences are what keep our minds always seeking. No one has to always agree or always get along perfectly; but we still need to treat everyone with respect because we DO have a common base . . . a common thread . . . something that ties us all together regardless. And that common base is our ability to see beyond what is right in front of us . . . what lies beyond what 'normal' society sees. Our ability to seek out and keep our minds open to more than the mainstream is what binds us together. And for many of us . . . the higher purpose of enlightenment is another very strong bond; the ideals of acceptance despite difference . . . the unity that calls us all together.

There are many, many, many different groups/communities out there. Many of them stuck in the ideal that they alone must be the top of the chain--the best . . . the only. And that particular thought process is a dangerous one. Egotism reigns supreme and keeps individuals from growing, seeking, and developing. We all need to understand that this is not a competition . . . it is not who is better than who . . . who has more numbers than who. That thinking divides us as an entire community and interferes with the higher purpose we all have. Just because a particular group/House/community may not agree with the ways or ideals of another does not make either one wrong.

It goes back, once again, on how these things are handled. Can we rise above this and just allow each to exist? Comfortable in the thought that, down at the base or things, most of us are really on the same path. Granted, some are not on the same path and will always feel that they must reign supreme or their ways are superior to everyone else's . . . but those are the ones that will have their time and then fade away. The Universe has a way of sorting out these things. Ego must be balanced . . . light and dark must be balanced. There will always be adversity and struggle. It is the way the Universe works. But keep in mind that Fate has a plan for us all to an extent, and those that can keep their heads clear and their spirits always searching are the ones that will prevail.

We are not here to rule over one another or to decide the fate of someone else. We can all be teachers AND students. The best teachers are the ones that also allow themselves to learn. We cannot change the fate of another . . . the beliefs of another . . . the morals or ideals; we can only help and guide. For us, that is the job the Universe has delegated . . . as individuals and as an entire community. We either accept this or we fight it.

Do we all recall the saying "The enemy of mine enemy is mine friend"? To an extent that holds true . . . but we need to look beyond the terms of friends and enemies. We need to hold true to the thought that those who are our enemies still hold purpose in this great world. The phrase was built on the adage of one is better than another . . . egotism . . . anger . . . deceit . . . spitefulness. All thoughts that will lead down a destructive path. So let the 'enemy' lie . . . let it be. They will either 'see the light' or they won't. There is no point in harboring ill will for this interferes with the goals of unity and acceptance. Concentrate that energy on something better . . . something worthwhile.

We have all come together in the various communities because whether we admit it or not, we are searching. And through the communities we are finding. The world IS changing . . . and we all are part of that. We can either work with that or against it. The choice is up to the individual. Do not burn your bridges . . . you may need to cross them later.

© 2005 Lady Night -- Haven of Kindred Spirits Founder; Nox Noctis Domus Founder& Elder All Copyrights reserved to original Author. Do not copy, change, or alter without written permission from the Author first. Do not reprint and/or retransmitt unless in entirety with copyright statement and credit to the original author attached. Any copying, changes, alterations, reprints, and/or retransmits without copyright statement and credit to original author attached will be consider a copyright infringement and punishable by law.

Author contact information: Night Eidolon

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