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What is a True Leader?

Seeing the Light of Truth

written by: Lady Adriana

This is Dedicated to all the Leaders and Elders out there that are True Leaders" striving for True Peace and Unity within our Communities.
Note:Any who read this, please read it from beginning to end before jumping to any conclusions about any Leader in question.

During the time that I have involved myself with the Vampyric and other various communities online and offline, I have been doing a lot of observations. These observations have brought me to a number of conclusions. These conclusions may be a hard reality for some but all and all I have seen them to be true, even validated many a time. My observations are as stated below:

Some Leaders and Elders out there have taken their positions too far. These types of Leaders through Ego, Pride, Fear, Power, Control, or what have you have become more of a voice of hate and seperation in the Communities instead of being a guiding light for those out there that might one day be Leaders in their own right. They have have chosen to become the type of Leader that is the Prime example of a "Vampiric Overlord" and "Dictator" type.

During the time of their "Reign" over a group they will not even allow anyone to grow or progress beyond their own Leadership level. In other words they will see this as a "Challenge" and a "Threat" to their own postion. They will turn coat on these individuals usually not in a good way even kicking them out of what ever Group they are a Leader of to prove that they are the only one that has this Leadership ability. Even to the point of shunning any among the group that takes the other persons Leadership abilities as maybe a better way of doing things.

Most of these types of Leaders will enslave their group by telling them who they can talk to, who they associate with, and who they can have as friends, Lovers, and so forth instead of allowing them the choice theirselves. They will say "It is my way or the Highway" or say "You are being Disrespectful to your Leader" by doing so.

You see Respect and Honor goes both ways a Leader should be just as respectful and honorable to their group as each individual is to them. If they have been a good Leader they will see many that will come up through the ranks even sometimes surpassing them and start something of their own. A good Leader will encourage this but the "Vampire Overlord" type will not. Why? Because they think they are all High and Mighty and the only "Big Dog on the Block". More than likely this type of Leader will do things like stick their noses up in the air at any one elses Leadership skills along with all in their group and say "Ha Ha look at those wannabes aren't they so stupid" just watch them you'll see what I mean.

Never put it past the "Vampire Overlord" type to pull the wool over eyes even lie or cheat to prove that they are allways right. Slanderize others along the way for their efforts with concocked half trues and facts to prove it. They tend to be Very Paranoid of everyone else ways and will do their level best to blind their followers from the real facts. Most these types of "Dictator" like Leaders will at sometime or another do all of this. Why? To just to make themselves look good so their followers will be blind to the facts and be good little sheep. I say "Bull Ma Larky" people because one day the truth will be know and this type of supposed Leaders will one day be shunned by the Community themselves.

There is another type of Leader, these Leaders will be so "Over Protective" of their group to cover up things that really should be known. Why, because they don't want to create wide spead panic and fear among their followers. Sometimes these Leaders will become blinded by this too and not realize the damage they could be doing to others. I have even seen this type to become so blinded that they let the wrong ones step up in ranks to be heard not realizing that those individuals may be their own down fall and even may have their own agenda in what they do. Does this type of Leader do any good? To a point yes because some of what they taught others will be passed down but the parts they were so overly protective on will be one day shown to be untrue. So how does that make that Leader look in the eyes of others? It makes them look like they are Blind fools to the facts of what is actually going on even when they may have known otherwise. Be true to yourself and others. Be not blinded by what is going on around you because one day you may be seen as a Failer as a Leader and your group may fall into Oblivian. Remember the things you cover up and hide them from might one day come back to Haunt you and bite you on the ass.

There is a type of Leader out there too that is in not so many words "The Ass Kisser" type. These Leaders tend to have no real back bone of their own and will agree with everyone and not speak up even when the facts are incorrect. These type of Leaders tend to also be the "Title Chaser" types that will come to any conclussion that will bring them up in the ranks of Leaders. Does this do any of their followers any good? No, because one day you will see their followers doing to same thing just to put themselves in the "Limelight" too. They will tend to create a bigger problem within the Communities and perpetuate Egos that can get out of hand when they agree with the wrong ones. Come on People get a Back bone and speak up when you see something being done wrong or the true facts will never come to light. Those that are silent agree and those that agree all the time have no personality of their own. There should be a balance between agreeing and standing up. If you agree all the time then you are showing yourself to have no point or view of your own, by standing up, talking and voicing your views, and not taking it too far when there are differences you have become diplomatic. Learning to listen to others, be diplomatic when you can, speak up on differences, and if there is something you can't completely agree on at least agree to disagree and go on to the next matter.

There is a Leader type out there that is the "True Leader". These Leaders know what Respect, Honor, Loyalty, Unity, Solidarity, Peace, and Integrity is all about. They will stand up and be heard but they also know when to back down. They Respect and Honor the ones that follow them and hold them to their words. A large number of their followers will be extremely Loyal to a Leader and may even support a Greater Cause. They will stand up for their Leader as their Leader will do the same for them. They tend to have the Family attitude about them and get upset when things go wrong. Why? Because they feel in some way that they have failed to get through to the ones that they were helping. They know when to use Tuff Love even thou they hate doing it. They know when to give someone another chance when that person has proved to have changed. They hold with them the Strength and the Will to not throw in the towel when they feel they should. Why? Because they will feel they will be Failing and Harming the ones they Love and Care for by doing so. They will bend over backwards even putting their own selves in Harms way to Protect others. They teach and learn from those that they teach by putting all pride and ego aside. They have many that follow them that will one day become "True Leaders" themselves and won't critisize them for getting there once they have. They won't boot those individuals out and throwing them to the wolves but they will encourage and even them help them in what ever way thay can. Yes they are hard on some of their follows. Why? Because they they are trying teach them to be Strong and have a Will of their own. They will make it a point to show examples of what they talk about instead of telling their followers to follow blindly. They will even give up there own personal lives for a time for the greater good of the whole if need be. It is these types of Leaders that sometimes find themselves on a Pedistal put there by others wanting nothing more to be able to look eye to eye with everyone. They may even find theirselves having to stepping down from the Pedistal time to time just to prove that they are truly equals with the group. They hate kicking any member out because they might have been giving them the chance to prove their own abilities. Be warned though that if for some reason they have decided to kick someone out or excommunicated them from the group the desision to do so was not taken lightly and well thought through first. It is this type of Leader that gets taken the wrong way many times, for some reason get questioned and tested the most, and they always seem to be having to prove theirselves to others. Why? Because they tend to make others, Leaders and Followers alike, look at their own selves a lot. We all know that sometimes when some people begin to see their own flaws they might start pointing the finger the wrong directions even at the "True Leader"or person that showed them those flaws. Never kill the messenger is what I say on that because burning your bridges with a "True Leader" will leave you on the other side being ignored as a fool.

Well this concludes some of what I am trying to voice to all that read it. I hope that this will help you and encourage you to make the right discisions along your way with the Communities we support. Remember much of what I am speaking of has many parallels that can be used not only with the Vampyric Community and others, but also in can be used in day to day life and the ways you do thing outside of it. Live, Learn, be a Good Teacher, and good example to others always.

Blessings to All,

Lady Adriana Founder; HSG Founder & Elder; TLS Founder & Priestess

© 2003 / 2004 Lady Adriana (Rev. King) All Copyrights reserved to original Author. Do not copy, change, or alter without written permission from the Author first. Do not reprint and/or retransmitt unless in entirety with copyright statement and credit to the original author attached. Any copying, changes, alterations, reprints, and/or retransmits without copyright statement and credit to original author attached will be consider a copyright infringement and punishable by law. * * **

Author contact information: Lady Adriana

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