Intellegent Haunts

Let’s explore intelligent hauntings. These spirits are aware of you and their surroundings. They can move from place to place and may even try to communicate with you or the persons in the house. They may need some help and want to get people to notice them. They can usually move objects by using energy around them, this is one of the reasons why we get cold spots or even why our batteries die quickly. They need the energy to manifest. Most are located in one place because they lived there, not all are kind and are easy to get along with. Some are malevolent and will try to force you to leave by any means necessary. Others may just like your family and wish to stay to protect you and your family. There are intelligent hauntings that do follow a family around and are the family’s guardian. Some times they are looking for someone or do not even know that they are dead and refuse to leave the dwelling. So if they refuse to leave how does a person get rid of them?

Getting an intelligent haunt to leave is not easy; you cannot just close your front door to them. You can shield your house or you can try to talk to them to let them know they are dead or ask what they need. If they can gather enough energy they may be able to tell you and you can help. Other than that they are there to stay

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