What is an EVP

Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP are thought to be voices of spirits made audible through white noise machines or election recorders. The voices are usually brief, a word or short sentence. Some investigators report that you can actually ask the spirit or ghosts questions and receive answers. Mainstream science does not research EVP and it is limited to research by the paranormal community. Electronic Voice phenomena were originally called Raudive voices after Konstantin Raudive, an investigator who popularized the voice recording phenomena. Some researchers speculate that because spirits are unable to communicate with humans because it would take too much energy they are able to use less energy and imprint information on recording media. Another explanation for EVP is psychic echoes from the past, psychokinesis unconsciously produced by living people or pareidolia, which is the interpretation of random sounds into voices, like audible matrixing. Others speculate EVP are voices of aliens trying to contact earth, faulty equipment and hoaxes.

EVP has become a popular tool among paranormal investigators. The phenomenon of EVP has been popularized by various movies such as White noise, the Sixth Sense, the fictional television show Supernatural, and the reality show Ghost Hunters. Some EVP experimenters state that the portable digital recorder is the best choice when conducting experiments. EVP experimenters state that EVP typically only occur when there is noise in the audio circuits of the device used, many believe that this noise itself is used to produce the EVP. Many experimenters will use two recorders for this reason, such as a digital recorder and a video camera.

Reviewing the Evidence

When listening to your evidence, remember or better yet write down where you were or announce it on the recorder. Know your surroundings. Make sure you take into account the location of the investigation, are you in an old hotel with poor insulation and many drafts? Are you outside where noises could carry or in a theater which is designed for large audiences and will have sound carry? Take into account how many people are in the room, were there people laughing or talking in the next room? Was there someone coughing or even walking around? This can be mistaken for an EVP.

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